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My Herbalife Story

Before Herbalife:

In 2000, at the age of 15, I quit classical Indian dancing to spend more time on advanced science classes, research and college prep. In just 6 months, with nothing else different in my life, I had put on 55 lbs! 55 extra pounds on a 5 foot frame was not pretty. My clothes looked ready to split at the seams if I even sneezed, and I had sprouted an extra chin. There were jokes about the need to reinforce chairs in the house, and my best friend’s mother told me – with misplaced kindliness – that I really ought to just stop eating. My self-esteem was at its lowest point ever.

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My first introduction to Herbalife:

Then one day, while waiting at the doctor’s office with my moth­er, we saw a girl wearing a button that said, “LOSE WEIGHT NOW, ASK ME HOW”. We did. She told us about Herbalife being a natural, nutritionally balanced meal replacement that helped cut calories without compromising nutrition or altering the body’s biochemistry. Coincidentally, her name was Swati too. She explained to us how Herbalife worked. My dad was a little skeptical, but decided ultimately that I should try it for a month, and if it didn’t work, we were in no way obliged to buy any more. In fact, Swati had announced, “In a month, I will not have to come to you …you will come looking for me to buy more.” My mother had just smiled politely. I replaced two meals each day with Herbalife shakes and for the third, I ate whatever my mother cooked for everyone else.

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The pounds started melting away – just like that!

But Swati was right! In just the first week, I dropped 5 lbs. In the second I lost another 6 lbs.

I started to notice other changes too: I felt more energetic, my skin glowed and I felt that undefinable feeling of being well. I had fewer cravings for snacks, and even for the meals I was eating smaller portion sizes without even forcing myself. And the pounds and inches were still going down.

In under a year, I had lost a total of 67 lbs – all the weight I had put on, and some more on top of that. Everywhere I went people complimented me on my remarkable turnaround and asked me my secret.

Swati, who was my Herbalife distributor and wellness mentor helped me every step of the way. I doubt I would have stuck with the plan – which required quite a bit of willpower initially – without her constant encouragement and support.

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In 2012:

I kept the weight I lost in 2000 off for 12 years. Most people that have dieted know that keeping weight off is the hardest part of weight management. With Herbalife, however, it was easy.

But when I had to stop all physical activity after being hit by a car crossing the street, I was worried about putting on weight. I went back to my trusty friend Herbalife, and added a shake every day – some days I replaced two meals with Herbalife fruit smoothies. And my weight has stayed put.

Herbalife is a healthy, natural and nutritious way to manage weight. It contains no chemicals and does not alter body biochemistry in any way. I did not quite understand all the biochemistry of nutrition in 2000, but now, as a student of biochemistry, I know that Herbalife is one of the safest ways to lose – or add – weight, and I recommend Herbalife to anyone that has a weight to reach and wants to do it in a safe and healthy way.

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Why I sell Herbalife

Losing weight is difficult, but the rewards go far beyond just the change on a scale. Losing weight affects our health, changes the way we feel, and even how others react to and interact with us. Losing undesired weight boosts confidence and self-esteem. I do not think I could have lost the weight I did without the constant support and encouragement of my Herbalife mentor.

Now as a distributor, I feel it is my responsibility to help others through the process of weight loss (or gain) in the way I was helped so many years ago.

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